Animated GIFs Of The United States Of The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Past 52 Years By Year And State

October 28, 2013


Oh yeah? Well my baby's name is going to have numbers AND special characters in it, so there.

These are two animated GIFs (one boy's and one girl's) created by Jezebel showing the most popular names to give a little bundle of mistake joy born in the United States in the past 52 years. They were interesting to watch. My name didn't make a single state for a single year though. My dad had a dream that he was supposed to name my older brother Visa or Moonbeam if he was a girl. He was a boy though, so they went with Frank. They tried to name me the act of shaking your head and sighing but the nurse at the hospital wouldn't accept it so they went with Copernicus. Apparently he was King Arthur's favorite wizard. "Copernicus was a scientist, you're thinking of Merlin." YES -- Merlin. My parents named me Merlin.

Keep going for the boy's version (ladies first -- those are the rules).


Thanks to Joanne and Yager, neither of which made the list.

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