The Matrix: A 130 Smartphone 'Bullet Time' Photo Booth

October 24, 2013


This is a promotional video of 130 HTC One smartphones arranged in a spiral and all set to take pictures at the same time to create bullet-time style videos with the resulting images. So, if you were wondering if the new HTC One smartphone can take pictures, the answer is yes.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to J, who agrees bullet-time is the coolest kind of time besides quitting time, happy hour, and the weekend.

  • Cimber

    like 5 GoPro cameras would make that look more fluent. Anyway a pretty pointless advertisement, unless theyre targeting a rich stooper with 130 arms..

  • "Showcasing the power of the Snapdragon processor" or showcasing the power of having 130 camera phones?

    I'm pretty sure you could do this with 130 disposable cameras.

  • wowemily

    Exactly. This doesn't show off the power of anything -- other than the power of hoping that people are too stupid to realize this.
    And that was the bumpiest bullet time I ever saw. Double fail.

    What would have shown the power is if one camera was somehow used to take all of the simultaneous pictures. Not sure why that would make me buy a phone either or how that would be accomplished, but at least it would show off some serious power.
    Hate to be the poor intern who had to get all the pictures off of these cameras and organize them and number them and then make the damn bumpy video file. Meaningless work.

  • Guest

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  • im sure nobody could gather 130 of any phone but this one and do the same thing, must buy 130 of them!


    "Then asked people to show us what they love".

    And conveniently a bunch of those passers-by loved being a fire-breather, breakdancer or having a weirdly-trained dog.

  • Ry Keener

    Exactly. All these actors made for great 'passers-by'.

  • catallergy

    Its a shame no one walking by loves fapping it as much as I do. Would have made for a great 360. Bullet time!!!!

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