That 150,000-Piece LEGO Battle Of Helm's Deep Build Is Complete, On Display, Really Impressive

October 9, 2013


Remember that 150,000-piece LEGO Battle of Helm's Deep that was nearing completion? Well it's finally crossed the finish line, and this is it. With over 1,700 minifigs alone, it's sure to be one of LEGO's most expensive sets ever offered. *whispering* Oh, they're not actually going to make it? Well that's a shame because I actually have $80,000 burning a hole in my pocket. Just kidding, it's a lint ball. Aaaaaaand it's spreading to my nuts.

Keep going for a bunch of closeups, but check out the builder's Flickr gallery for even more.



















Thanks to Arrogant Tiger, who's always bragging about his stripes and how much cooler they than the moles my mom keeps telling me to go to the doctor to have looked at.

  • punkrock1110

    that is so cool

  • Jennifer Robinson

    So incredible. So deeply impressed. My husband loves LEGO sets and I know he'd love to see this one up close! So many mini-figures!!!!!!

  • Ar P

    This is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful! Even if I decide to do this, I'd never be able to go through with the whole thing. The thought and resources used in this are wonderful. Just awesome. I hate how so many people are failing to comment on the beauty of this, instead they're commenting on little things or commenting negatively. This is just awesome!

  • Luke Murray

    That is such a waste of resources.

  • m8kin

    can't wait for the explosion moment!

  • Ryan Scott

    No elves were at Helm's Deep, that's only in the movie version

  • Rick

    The Battle of Helm's Deep *was* the film version, the Battle of the Hornburg was the book version.

  • Kevin Rochelle

    lol rocket launcher

  • Marshall Gatten

    Tolkien never explained the fiery blast the orcs used to destroy the defenses. Now we know how they did it. :)

  • Scott Andrew David

    I could do that, I just don't want to. >_>

  • Dave

    I love how there is just a random machine gun there in the midst of all the mid evil stuffs XD

  • mid evil = medieval ???

    Dude... like... ... depression

  • Robert Hazlett

    Hell, if I were going up against that many Orcs, I'd want more than just archers :D

  • LegoHorder

    Awesome! At first light on the fifth day look to the east.

  • chronolegionaire


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