Tastes Like Death (Jk Jk, Red Velvet): Zombie Horse Cake

October 30, 2013


I know I posted that unicorn cake earlier but then this zombie horse one showed up in my inbox (I thought it was boner pill spam at first) and I just need to get it out of my system so there are no more equine cakes to post tomorrow. Created by the Tattooed Bakers for the opening of Miss Cakehead's Feed the Beast cake shop, this red velvet monster took over 200 hours to complete, and even pours a circulating fountain of rum out of its nostrils into a cauldron below. I wish my nose poured rum. No, no I don't. You ever taken a shot then blown it out your nose before? It hurts for a really long time. Alcohol and noses weren't meant to go together. You don't eat tissues, do you? "My dog does." Was I asking about your dog? "No." Then why'd you bring it up? "I dunno, I just...wanna see some pictures of her?" I thought you'd never ask!

Keep going for more pictures, including the rum fountain.





Thanks to LZ and Nick, who agree it would be cool to have an animal head cake that you can hang on the wall like a head mount. At least until the flies come.

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