Taste The Rainbow: A Life-Size Unicorn Cake

October 30, 2013


This is the life-size unicorn cake lovingly crafted by Miss Cakehead for National Baking Week. I'm using life-size generously though because in my mind unicorns are actually much larger. This is like, a donkey or pony sized unicorn cake with a narwhal sized corn on its head. But it is rainbow cake on the inside, which is biologically accurate. Did you know Skittles are actually unicorn turds? You'd think they'd shit like horses but they actually crap like deer. And I'm not just saying that so everybody will give me all their Skittles after Halloween, but Snickers are dried dolphin turds and so are all the other candy I like.

Keep going for several more shots.




Thanks to chichi, Allyson, Roberto G and Essi, who agree the best cakes are ice cream cakes with those little chocolate crackle bits in them. Love those crackles.

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