Tabletop Beer Brewing Machine The Size Of A Microwave

October 21, 2013


This is the Picobrew (I see you!) automatic home brewing system. Currently an already-funded Kickstarer project, the $1,600 tabletop device brews "high-quality all-grain beer" with the touch of a button (and the addition of water, grain and hops). You just add the ingredients according to your own (or a Picobrew community) recipe, and three and a half hours later your keg is ready to disconnect, ferment for a week, and PARTY TIME. Just be sure to invite me over for inaugural keg stands. "This is craft beer, GW, not Bud Light." Hey -- sometimes craft beers like to be keg standed too, you know. It's like me, sure I LOOK like the kind of guy who only attends black tie events, but-- "You're wearing athletic shorts." Well sure, you caught me on my way to the gym. "With a 40 of Old English?" What are you, my personal trainer?

Hit the jump for the Kickstarter video about the system, then start saving your money so you can buy one and start brewing me some beer like I deserve.

Thanks to Jeremy and Michael, who love good beer and hate bad beer but will still drink it because, you know -- beer.

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