Sneak Peak Of Disney's Animal Kingdom AVATAR Land

October 18, 2013


This is the conceptual art for the 2016 addition of AVATAR Land to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida. It's the perfect addition to the Animal Kingdom Park because all the plants and animals from AVATAR are way cooler than the real ones we have on earth, and who wants to be bored with those? That was me being sarcastic by the way. Oh no you didn't, girl! That was me being sassy.

Once the new area opens, park guests will be greeted by interactive landscapes that seem to come to life at every touch. There will also be a Banshee-riding attraction as well as what looks like a serene boat ride through the bioluminescent forest. Even the Animal Kingdom's massive Tree of Life will bioluminesce come sundown.

Whatever, I'm sure it'll be cool. Maybe not cool enough to steer me away from going to Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure instead, but still cool. I've always felt like Disney's Animal Kingdom was more of a kid's park anyways. If I wanted to go to a zoo on steroids I would actually go to the zoo on steroids and probably be mauled to death trying to fight all the tigers at once.

Hit the jump for several more concept art shots and a video in which James Cameron mentions he's busy working on three AVATAR sequels which did make me do a spit-take.





Thanks to Todd, who expressed his interest in living there. Dare to dream, Todd.

  • Frankie Griffen

    "Peak?" Really?

  • Grindzombie

    I always felt like Animal Kingdom is the best-done park. Also you can get your buzz on there which makes it like... 1,000,000 times better than Magic Kingdom (more like prohibition kingdom). This sounds like it'll make it that much cooler.

  • Steve

    doesn't having a theme park for Avatar kinda conflict with the messages and ideas of the original movie. Seems like a contradiction to me. guess money talks and bullshit walks.

  • jimmy

    Kinda like with Finding Nemo, where the moral was "stop taking animals out of their natural environment and keeping them as pets, because you will not care from them properly", and then after the movie every kid wanted a clownfish as a pet, and thousands of parents bought one for them.

  • catallergy

    I think the original theme of the movie was to make a boatload of money. Which it did.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    Reminds me of certain zones the the MMORPG 'TERA' especially the second and fourth pictures. :) Pretty!

  • Guest

    Pretty neat theme, the interactivity is a plus.
    Somewhere on this blue marble, the Avatar guy is spazzing out.

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