Smokin' Alderaan: Homemade Death Star Weed Grinders

October 17, 2013


These are the Death Star weed grinders made and sold by Etsy seller Pyroteeze ($22). If I'm not mistaken, they're made by filling these Death Star ice cube molds with polymer clay, then mashing the two halves of a cheap grinder inside and painting the whole thing. Plus they're flattened a little on the base so it won't roll off the coffee table and spill all your weed on the carpet. You ever smoked carpet weed before? "You mean Jamaican rug hair?" Ahahahhahaha, you have!

Thanks to Marco, who's holding out for a Millennium Falcon grinder with one of those kief screens in the bottom to catch all the goodness that falls like Sarlaac pit.

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