Rude: Free Beer Fridge That Only Opens For Canadians

October 10, 2013


This is the beer fridge rolled out in Europe by the Molson Coors Brewing Company as part of a campaign to sell more Canadian Molson beer in Europe. Why would Europe want some mass produced Canadian beer when they have so much good stuff themselves? They probably don't. But has that ever stopped a company from pissing away money trying to change people's minds? Never.

A public fridge chock full of free beer may sound like heaven to some, but there's a problem: It's locked. And there's only one way to open it--you have be Canadian. The fridge will open only if you scan a Canadian passport. A webcam inside snaps a photo of the passport, unlocking the swill when it recognizes the document as 100 percent official maple leaf.

So if you're a Canadian traveling in Europe and you want a free Canadian beer you can have one, but nobody else can. I'm failing to see how this is supposed to convert people. Besides, you don't actually NEED a Canadian passport to open the fridge, just an axe. Axes are like, a universal passport for doors.

Thanks to Jwudafuq, who isn't afraid to jumpkick the shit out of a vending machine for a stuck bag of chips.

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