Robot Ninja Lager: Like Leaky Oil And Throwing Stars

October 1, 2013


This is Robot Ninja Lager. It has absolutely nothing to do with robots or ninjas except the name and its alleged Japanese influence. Don't get me wrong, I'd still drink it, but only if the bar was out of Mickey's wide-mouth bottles. "Please, GW -- tell me you don't actually drink that shit." I don't actually drink that shit. "But do you really?" MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

Robot Ninja Sorachi Lager is inspired by the creative, colourful and sometimes crazy culture of Urban Tokyo. The taste however, is in a world of it's own. The light, yet full-flavoured rice lager is delicately brewed and bottle fermented with a precisely calculated blend of high quality malt and an exotic, Japanese Sorachi Ace hop. This all combines to create a fruity aroma and a surprisingly sweet finish that has been known to remind some of toffee or even bubble gum. Very much like Tokyo Night life, it's the kind of thing that has to be experienced to be believed.

Bubble gum? That's a flavor that has zero place in a beer. Sames goes for flies and cigarette butts. Now raise your hand if you've ever unknowingly drank a beer somebody put a cigarette out in. Now keep your hand raised if you've knowingly drank a beer somebody put a cigarette out in because the party just ran out of booze and you were that desperate. *looks up at own hand* Jesus, where'd all these bruises come from?

Photo via TNPRO.

Thanks to Armani and khz, who are both beer pros and made fun of me for drinking a Boone's Farm. Whatever, I like the taste.

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