Petition To Light The Empire State Building 'TARDIS Blue' To Celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

October 4, 2013


Because some people still dare to dream, a group of Doctor Who fans have created a petition to have the Empire State Building be lit 'TARDIS blue' (technically just regular-blue) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series on November 23rd, when we'll all gather around our TV's and cry. Or riot in the streets and set cars on fire.

The Doctor has visited NYC many times over the years, most recently earlier this season. Now, Doctor Who fans from New York and around the world are working with NYSciFi & Fantasy to celebrate The Doctor's 50th anniversary on one of New York City's most famous landmarks: The Empire State Building.

We are asking the Empire State Building to light up "TARDIS Blue" on November 23rd to celebrate 50 great years of Doctor Who. The Empire State Building regularly uses their spectacular light show to celebrate special moments in pop culture, such as sports events, the 15th anniversary of The Lion King, and Wrestlemania, as well as all the holidays and occasions it's more known for being lit up for. As far as we know, however, they've never lit up to celebrate a SciFi show. What better place to start than the iconic series Doctor Who?

Hey -- whatever makes people happy. Unless it's hurting other people, in which case you don't deserve to be happy. Me? I do everything I can to be a kind and loving person and God still spites me with unhappiness. *booming voice* "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." What, the who can fart the loudest in church contest? I WAS ELEVEN AND WOUND UP SHITTING MY PANTS. I've suffered enough.

Thanks to Doctor TeslawilLennon and Androly, who agree they should light the Empire State Building with blacklights one night to celebrate my college dorm room.

  • DrZanz

    If they are really going to do this, change the petition to Big Ben because well, you know...

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Maybe they could make it "Magic Bullet Silver" the day before to celebrate another 50th anniversary... it seems more likely.

  • TheOtakuX

    I thought this was stupid when I first heard about it (and I'm a Doctor Who fan), but now that I know this is something they've done before for other things, it seems less stupid and more 'they should just do it already'.

  • Matty Spinny

    thats not the only one thats getting a petition. there trying get big ben, leaning tower of pisa, eiffel tower, and others to go blue for the 50th. i hope they succeed.

  • No matter what side of the fence you are on about Dr Who. If they lit it up for goddamn wrestlemania I think they can turn on some blue lights if it'll cause an avalanche of nerd boners.


    Why nominate the Empire State when there're two way bigger, newer, equally well-suited skyscrapers in the same cit-

  • Too soon.

  • just1nw

    Not that big a deal. Personally I'm not sure who has the time to make petitions like these (don't you have a job?), but would it be any more insane than changing the colour to celebrate Wrestlemainia of all things? The infrastructure is already there so it seems to be a win for everyone: those nerds get to feel the high of accomplishment, the BBC gets free press about the new Doctor Who season, the Empire State building management gets to put out a little press release and the regular people who don't watch Doctor Who get to see a nice blue light.

    *I'm a big Doctor Who fan, though I wouldn't make petitions or anything

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  • Androly

    Just noticed this tag by the way, hahaha "It's all fun and games until giant daleks descend from the sky and start exterminating everything in sight"

  • Androly

    Yes, totally shameful, how dare these fans think that the series reaching 50 years is worth celebrating!! Let's all instead go crazy over cute monsters popping out of our balls for the 20th time!
    Sorry if i missed it, but is Doctor Who the new popular thing we're hating? It hasn't even reached the mainstream in the US for fack's sake!


    Those of us with taste were hating it before it was cool.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I wish we could go back to the days where nerds were punched for being nerds

    Fans like these make me so ashamed to call myself a doctor who fan.

  • barrett daniel

    Dr Who fans: There's a point when this needs to stop and we've clearly passed it.

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