One-Legged Paralympian's Flamingo Halloween Costume

October 23, 2013


This is Paralympian Josh Sundquist's 2013 Halloween costume (I actually posted his Christmas Story leg lamp costume last year). Josh lost his left leg to cancer when he was nine, but hasn't let that stop him from accomplishing more in the last 20 years than I could in a dozen lifetimes. This Halloween he's a flamingo. Obviously, there's no sense in signing up for the costume contest if you see Josh at the party.

Hit the jump for an inspirational poster featuring his other costumes from years past.


Thanks to seth and Murphy, who wouldn't tell me what they're Halloweening as this year which leads me to believe they haven't planned anything yet.

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  • totally loved the creative costumes, way to go!

  • Bad costume... how is he gonna get drunk? I guess he can look up ladies skirts and use vodka butt tampons to party.

  • $14019757


  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    With the right amount of creativity he could make some creepy costumes

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    i just want to watch him throw up while he's standing like that

  • lordpikachu

    this is cool because it's not the obvious one-legged flamingo costume

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