No Touching: 3-D Stained Glass Of Hellraiser's Pinhead

October 28, 2013


This is the 3-D stained glass piece of Pinhead created by artist Nicole Cantú. It measures 24" x 36" and is for sale for $8,000. That is a lot of money. You better have everything else you've ever wanted in life before dropping $8K on a Hellraiser stained glass window. If I had $8,000 to spend right now I'd buy 400 of those $20 lotto scratchers with the $5-million grand prize. But that's because I'm smart and I believe in INVESTING. I already hit a $500 winner over the weekend (PROOF HERE), so I figure an even bigger prize is just right around the corner. "But how much did you have to spend before you got the $500?" I don't want to talk about it. "How much?" See, lotto scratchers aren't just about the money, they're about the EXCITEMENT of the scratch, and you can't put a dollar sign on that. But if you could I'd probably still be down around $2,200.

Keep going for a couple closeups and a shot of the glass with light shining through.





Thanks to my buddy Terry, who used to be quite the little hellraiser himself but has since retired from troublemaking and now does little more than get drunk watching the Red Sox.

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