Mustache Implants Are A Real Thing, Getting Popular

October 29, 2013


So apparently men are flocking to Istanbul, Turkey, to get mustache implants so their upper lips don't look so boyish. As I'm sure you're well aware, a nice well-formed mustache is a sign of manliness, and guys who can't grow them are basically women without tits. Back me up, The Most Interesting Man In The World! "I don't always wear a mustache, but that was a lie, and I've had it since birth." See? The doctor in the video points out that Istanbul has become "the center of medical tourism in Europe." I didn't know medical tourism was a real thing, but I guess if you're going to go somewhere, you might as well get a mustache implant or a couple extra inches added to your pecker during your downtime. "I don't always go in for penis enlargement surgery, but when I do, I hope I don't leave peeing out of a hole in the side." Okay, that's enough out of you. "Stay thirs--." I SAID ENOUGH.

Hit the jump for a video about the procedures, but there are some kinda graphic 'pushing hairs into hair holes' scenes.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best hair isn't facial hair at all, it's your privates shaved into the shape of a star or a Triforce or something.

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