Moonstones!: Sprayable Blue Glow-In-The-Dark Coating Lights Walking And Bike Paths After Dark

October 23, 2013


This is Starpath, a sprayable glow in the dark lighting system that makes pathways twinkle like a billion little stars after the sun goes down. That way you don't accidentally wander off the path and get eaten by bears. You may get mesmerized by all the stars and crash your bike into a park bench though. Whatever, chicks dig scars. But not brain injuries, so wear a f***ing helmet.

The coating is applied in three layers, with a middle aggregate stage that absorbs UV energy during the day, which is then released as a blue glow when it's dark. It's kind of like a high-tech version of those glow in the dark stickers you put on the walls of your room when you were a kid.

Manufacturer Pro-Teq Surfacing sees Starpath as a way for municipalities to save money, by replacing costly electric pathway lighting with the low-maintenance coating. Installing the surface takes only a few hours, leaving a durable coating that's slip and rain resistant.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Probably not." They should spray a path from my bed to the bathroom so I don't have to turn on any lights to go to piss in the middle of the night! Because right now I try to navigate in the dark and-- "The hall closet smells like piss." Yeah... Plus my roommate said he found a turd in his hamper.

Keep going for a video demonstration.

Thanks to Carmen, who told me one day soon everything will glow in the dark and people will start painting themselves blue and pretending to be Na'vi. And that is the day I will blow up the planet.

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