Long Exposure Shots Of Couples Sleeping At Night

October 11, 2013


This is a series of long-exposure photographs (six hours -- from midnight to 6AM) of different couples sleeping in bed at night. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger (OMG I love chili cheese shneggenburgers!) came up with the idea, and presumably set up the camera and left because nobody wants to sleep with a man standing over them for six hours (unless that man is Batman and he's singing lullabies).

The resulting shots are tangled messes of ghostly bodies that, with the help of our imaginations, seem to speak subtle volumes about the relationships shared between the sleeping lovers. Some of the couples melt into each other while others stay within their own boundaries. Are they less caring to each other, or simply more respectful of each others' space?

There are a bunch more after the jump, the first of which looks like somebody bare-assed it on top of the covers for a little while. I do that sometimes, just not when somebody's taking a picture. I'm kidding -- ONLY when somebody is taking a picture. Now get one of me clawing at you like a tiger. Okay now I'm going to take my boxers off and throw them at the camera -- try to get a shot of them midair. Derek? DEREK WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! This is totally normal roomie stuff.

Keep going for more.












Thanks to lebeeps, who sleeps like an angel. Me? I sleep like a bat out of hell. (On fire)

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