Lion Sculpture Made Entirely Out Of Shredded Tires

October 16, 2013


This is the lion sculpture made entirely out of old shredded tires spotted (or possibly just stolen somewhere else off the internet) by Redditor m1keyth. I think it's somewhere in the UK, but it could be in the park by my apartment but I wouldn't know because I never leave. If you got in a street fight, which would you rather have on your side -- a tire lion or a tire iron? "Will the tire lion come to life and fight alongside me?" No. "Then what will it do?" Just stand there looking intimidating. "I'll take the tire iron." Smart thinking. If life were a kickball game I'd definitely choose you for my team. Granted you wouldn't be my first or second choice, but I'd definitely get to you before the end. "But what if the other team captain picks me first?!" Ahahahhahahaha, you're cute.

Thanks to Robin, who would love to smell that thing burn.

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