Life Size Dinosaurs Created From Carved Pumpkins

October 28, 2013


These are a handful of giant dinosaur skeletons carved entirely from pumpkins. Apparently they were all on display at The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze in New York in recent years. They do a dinosaur section every year though, so this year they have even more. Me? I carved a pumpkin penis but the cops came and said I had to smash it but I told them my little brother did it and it was supposed to be a rocket ship, he just sucks with knives and that's why the flames look like pubes. They still made me smash it anyways though and now my make-believe brother is devastated.

Hit the jump for more, including a t-rex. Bonus points if you already spotted the triceratops' two-pumpkin penis.





Thanks to V, who wasn't wearing her glasses when she went pumpkin shopping this year and popped two basketballs.

  • Andy Green

    Life Size!?

  • Those grazing cows for sure have dicks in their asses. I even looked up cow skeletons. Sure enough, they don't have bones that look like giant erections pointed right in their own butts.

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    This is very pumpkin.

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