LEARN HOW TO DRIVE: Saddest Parking Lot Exit Ever

October 15, 2013


You see the little blue car in the top right corner? How long do you think it should take to pull out of that spot and leave the parking lot? Ten seconds? Surely not FOUR MINUTES. Who the hell is driving that car? Do they even have a license? If so, which family member works at the DMV, and can that person be sued? Did the driver just get high for the first time? Is it a child? Is it an ANIMAL? I actually got angry watching the video and started yelling at the driver. Get out of the f***ing car and walk you monster -- you don't deserve to drive! That said, if this person also owns a green Subaru station wagon I'm pretty sure they live in my neighborhood.

Keep going for a drawing of all the maneuvers the driver made, and a video of the 200-point turn in action.


Thanks to me, for being moral enough to know when it's actually okay to let the air out of a person's tires.

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