Lady Paints Horse To Look Like Skeleton Horse

October 25, 2013


This is Sandy Cramer and her horse Raven. Sandy hand-painted Raven over the course of five hours to look like a skeleton horse. Does it glow in the dark? It would be even cooler if it did. If you want to see Raven the skeleton horse you can head down to the Knot Just Rope horse supply store in Rockbridge, Ohio. Wow, not just rope?! I wonder what else they sell. Based on Sandy's outfit I'm going to assume witch potions. Can you mix me up something that won't make me smell so bad? "It's called a shower." Awesome, but do I have to go collect lizard dicks or anything so you can brew it? "I don't think you understand." Come on, I'm a great quester!

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Laura, who painted her horse to look like a bear and now none of the other horses will come near it.

  • totally amazing, how did she get the horse to hold still?

  • khemical

    Who was Laura, GW? Don't leave us hangin'! Did she get a zebra and paint all the white stripes black -- or did she dare paint all the black stripes white??

  • steve holt

    judging by those handies I'd say Sandy is a mandy.

  • steve holt

    she looks like one of those wiccan girls that stays in her room, cries alot and writes really shitty poetry. Good luck to the man who endeavors to spend more than ten miinutes with such a woman.

  • Eviltopia

    Or maybe she is a successful business owner with a fun side and a patient horse.

  • EdgarAllenPwn

    or maybe she doesn't care about what men think of her?

  • elpolloloco

    Call PETA

  • Guest

    Don't name your animal after a different animal. That's dumb.

  • afi

    use glow in the dark paint is more epic!

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