Beautiful Shot Of Saturn Like You've Never Seen It Before

October 17, 2013


Note: Larger shot HERE, but do yourself a favor and go to Flickr to see a 4000px version for all the detail.

This is a composite shot of Saturn created by Gordan Ugarkovic using images the Cassini spacecraft took of the planet earlier this month. Beautiful, right? Hard to believe that exists in our solar system. I wish earth had rings. Hell, I wish I had rings. Or at least more than the toe ring I bought on Spring Break in '08 (Panama City Beach, baby!) and haven't been able to remove. I also got a t-shirt airbrushed with two palm trees and me and my girlfriend's names but she left me for a guy with a monster truck so I cut her name out and now you can see one of my nipples whenever I wear it. "But the names are on the back." Oh, I know. *shaking fist at God*

Thanks to blaqk_panda, who is endangered in the wild due to overhunting for its unusually spelled color.

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