I Choose You, Whoever: A Pokeball Engagement Ring

October 3, 2013


This is the conceptual Pokeball engagement ring designed by jeweler Arts & Gems (of TARDIS engagement ring fame). I'm pretty sure if you're interested they'll make one for you. I'm also pretty sure the guy who lives upstairs died or went on vacation because he's a stomper and I haven't heard anything in like a week and a half. *picks up phone to call police, eyes all the illegalities in my own apartment, hangs up* I bet he's just on vacation.

The engagement ring has a twisted shank with created green gems showing our good health at the beginning of a battle. There is also a wedding band to complete the set with created topaz stones showing our experience. Engagement ring has a Created Ruby and Cubic Zirconium cut in half to create a symmetrical design in the center.

Heck yeah, created ruby and cubic zirconium -- I'm not trying to spend a fortune on an engagement ring. What are the chances of the relationship actually working out, anyways? "With you? Slim to none." I'm unbearable. I'm pretty sure I'm even in a dead-end relationship with myself.

Hit the jump for BONUS arc reactor engagement ringsand Triforce pendant.



Thanks to Lydia, who told me she'd happily wear any of these provided they came from the right partner. And to SnackCake, who told me she'd literally marry anyone who gave her the Pokeball one.

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