I Bet He Didn't See That In The Forecast: Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit For Grape-Nuts, Eats On Live Air

October 11, 2013


This is a video of CBS 3 meteorologist Scot Haney scooping up and eating what he believes are Grape-Nuts off the newsroom floor. They weren't though, they were bits of cat vomit that he'd stepped in at home and had since rubbed off his shoe. Dude's supposed to predict the weather but can't tell cereal from cat vomit. PROTIP: If you're going to scoop something off the floor and eat it, you should be aware there's an inherent risk that it's going to taste like and/or be actual shit. Hey Scot, how's this for a weekend forecast? YOU JUST GOT WORMS, BRO.

Hit the jump for the video. He for real kind of freaks out at the end (as he should).

Thanks to Side Effect and m-art, who both adhere to the 'you only eat something off the floor if it was just on your fork and it's been less than five seconds' rule.

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