Good One: Groom-To-Be Calls In Bomb Threat After Realizing On Wedding Day He Forgot To Book Venue

October 7, 2013


36-year old dipshit Neil McArdle of Kirkby called in a bomb threat to Saint George's Hall (picture above, with Neil) in Liverpool on the morning of his wedding after realizing he forgot to book the venue. Apparently Neil failed to fill out the proper paperwork and was hoping the scare would buy him some time to do God knows what. Probably just keep being a f***ing idiot.

Panicked, he rang the Liverpool-based venue from a phone booth to tell them that a bomb 'will go off in 45 minutes' in order, he says, to buy himself more time.

McArdle, who is unemployed, stood by as Miss Williams, 29, turned up at historic St George's Hall, Liverpool, in her wedding dress, only to find it had been evacuated and was swarming with police.

It is understood McArdle and Miss Williams are still together but, six months on from the incident, have still not tied the knot.

'I'm still together with Amy, but she's got high blood pressure and wants nothing to do with it.'

Last night it emerged it was the second time Miss Williams had been let down by McArdle, who also promised her a wedding 12 months earlier, but again failed to properly plan or go through with it.

Man, what a winner. It's hard to believe this quick-thinker is unemployed. Hell, I'd hire him. "For what?" What else -- panicking and calling in bomb threats. Neil, I have a meeting at 3PM that I'm completely unprepared for, you know what to do. "I'm on it, boss -- should I drive a tank through the front of the building?" Surprise me.

Thanks to neolardo, the fifth ninja turtle that you never hear about because he chose a life of peace instead of murder.

  • Adam

    This was a damned funny post, G-dub.

  • $14019757

    I'd have high blood pressure with a bloke like that around, too. :/

  • ODwanKenObi

    Why is the bride letting the groom book the venue? Seriously I would think most brides want to control all aspects of how their wedding is going to look/turn out.

  • bubblyduckey

    I mean... how do you just forget to book the place where you are going to get married? And how does the bride let that happen?

  • Joe Ferschke

    Who is paying this idiot's cell phone bill?

  • it was probably a black dude.

  • Greg Markey

    Wow, you are obviously a huge racist dumbass. There is a picture of the guy as part of the story!

  • matgeek

    Please don't feed the trolls Greg =)

  • Greg Markey

    Sorry - moment of weakness towards stupidity :)

  • you're probably a black dude.

  • Iknowyou

    Via the calculations I have made, I have come to the conclusion that you're probably a black dude. This calculation also concludes that we're all probably a black dude, but we're not sure yet.

  • Tracy

    Maybe she should take a more active role in planning the next wedding? Fool me once...

  • fee roberts

    She's still with this loser? Wow

  • Closet Nerd

    He must of been using that TMNT bong

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