Get Me Drunk And Give Me One: Disney Princesses As Tattooed Pinup Girl Tattoos

October 1, 2013


This is a series of Disney princesses (with a couple non-princesses thrown in) digitally painted by artist Tim Shumate in the style of tattoos of tattooed pinup girls. He did a great job. "Enough with the Disney princesses already." YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH. My little sister loves these things and it's the least I can do for making her entire life so extraordinarily difficult. Isn't that right, Becky. "I hate Disney princesses." Becky, you don't mean that -- take it back. "You're the one who loves them so much!" Oh am I? Am I also the one who had to drive to your school last week and drop off a bag of clothes because you pooped your pants after lunch? Oh right -- I AM. She wasn't lying though, it really is me who loves them so much.

Hit the jump for nine more and check out Tim's Society6 store if you want to buy prints or iPhone cases, shirts, etc. of these or his other artworks.










Thanks to Jenny, UL and 24k Greed, who all tried to convince me to get a tattoo of the Jurassic Park gate arching across my buttcheeks. Ya'll are weird (but that is a great idea).

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