Game Over, Man: WildCat, DARPA's 16-MPH Untethered Running Death Bot

October 4, 2013


Remember Cheetah, DARPA's 28-MPH robot that was confined to running tethered on a treadmill? Well now they've ditched the tether and created WildCat, a 16MPH (read: faster than you) running robot that can run free and as long as its on-board motor will allow. Scared yet? You should be. Now I want you to watch the video, then sign this petition to unfund DARPA. Fun fact: did you know DARPA was unaffected by the government shutdown and is still hard at work building the robots that will enslave and kill us all? Okay so I don't actually know if that's true or not, but would you be surprised? Our government is f***ed up, and I demand reform. Chant with me -- 'We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!' Man, I suck at protests. Somebody hold my sign, I'm going home. "This says, 'SHOW US YOUR TITS'." Haha, I carried that at Occupy Wall Street too.

Just watch the video. Even the way it stands up at the beginning is scary.

Thanks to tuqueque, 1jaxstate1, Rbucket, Matticus, Andy and pilediver, who all take this sort of threat seriously because they aren't the sheep the government wants them to be. Yes! What are we, wolves? "We are, yes -- you're a goat." Heck yeah, I got those crazy eyes!

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