Fox News Debuts Its New Newsroom With 55" iPads

October 8, 2013


This is a video of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith giving a tour of the new Fox News Deck. Apparently this is the area where all the fact checking and Tweet sifting happens on new 55" touchscreens (not actually giant iPads, running Windows 8). The screens are known to nobody but Shepard and his producer as BATS (big area touchscreens). There's also a 38-foot photo and video wall that he uses to " take this picture and bring it over here. Take this lady who's been evacuating from a hurricane zone and move it over here." Really powerful technology.

Fox says the new "news deck" is designed to appeal to viewers who are "nonlinear" -- those who sift through news all day on their phones and computers. "Just like you, we get our news from multiple platforms," Smith says, "and this is the place where viewers can watch us sort it all out as it happens."

First of all, everybody who's ever worked in the media knows the real fact checking happens in offices with no natural sunlight and florescent bulbs that flicker and slowly drive you crazy. These folks are clearly fact-checking actors hired to try to add credibility to the program. That guy back there -- he's using his computer! Must be verifying a source. And I'm not just saying this about Fox News, I'm saying this about all news organization. No real work happens in front of the camera -- it's all a play. That said, somebody email me when there's a video of somebody watching p0rn on one of those giant iPads during a live broadcast. Now that *putting on sunglasses* would be breaking news. "Those are swim goggles." Heck yeah -- bath time, suckers!

Keep going for the full tour but feel free to skip around because the whole thing is five minutes and ain't nobody got time for that.

Thanks to natatatatatalie, whose name is really fun to say but would be hard to work into a song.

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