Duck Hunt Dog Made Out Of Canned Goods (Plus Others)

October 16, 2013


This is the Duck Hunt dog made out of canned goods and on display as part of the CANstruction exhibit in San Francisco, which raises canned foods and money to donate to local food banks. There were over 30,000 cans used for the displays, all of which will find their way to a hungry person's stomach after the gallery closes. The theme this year was 'From CANdyland to WoW' (read: games), and the other entries included a giant Rubik's Cube, roulette wheel, Skeeball machines, Donkey Kong, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Plinko from The Price is Right. That's my mom's favorite Price Is Right game. Me? I like the pricing game at the beginning to see who gets to go on stage because people will outbid each other by $1 and prove my theory that people are, by nature, dickbags. "That's not a new theory, Thomas Hobbes proposed that humans were inherently selfish and evil in his work 'Leviathan' in 1651." Sure, but did he ever actually say dickbags? Because you have to admit I'm at least improving the theory with my terminology. "You're improving nothing." Why do you always have to put me down, you're acting like a real-- "Dickbag?" You're too easy.

Keep going for shots of the rest.







Thanks to lepbeeps, who agrees the best canned good is peanut butter, even if it comes in a jar.

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