Don't Ruin This: Dentist Makes Braces For Jack O' Lantern

October 29, 2013


You look awfully happy for a pumpkin with no bottom teeth.

This is the pumpkin carved and fitted with braces by Redditor Bob223 friend's dad, who is a dentist. I think it might be trying to send some subliminal message about taking care of your teeth or something. Or maybe he just has to let everybody on the block know he went to dentist school. I actually had a dentist in my neighborhood growing up, and you know what the problem was? They give out the shittiest candy. And do you know what the shittiest candy is? "Candy corn?" No -- pretzel sticks. "But pretzel sticks aren't candy." EXACTLY, SO WHY THE F*** ARE YOU HANDING THEM OUT ON HALLOWEEN?

Thanks to my pal Terry, who has every intention of spending Halloween laying on his porch in a pool of fake blood and never breaking character even if he's poked with a plastic pirate cutlass or wizard's staff.

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