Doing Your Job Right: Captain Mike the Netflix Customer Service Rep Goes The Extra Mile

October 15, 2013


This is the online chat interaction between Netflix customer service representative Cap't Mike and Netflix streaming user Lt. Norm. Obviously, Cap't Mike really went the extra mile. That's worth noting because it seems like the majority of employees these days (particularly those in customer service) don't even want to run the original mile, let alone an extra one. And if there are any hurdles involved you can forget about it. Just last week I had a rep from the cable company hang up on me for demanding the nudie channels at a discount because my cable internet goes out so much. "Please tell me you're joking." That's exactly what she said before I got the dial tone!

Thanks to Tonenails, SR and becca, who agree a job worth doing is worth doing right.

  • TastyWheat

    That survey needs a "Hell Yeah!" option.

  • Steve

    I worked there during that time and the customer service can be amazing....Captain mike got lucky that he caught the right customer is all...the reality of it is many agents there have been doing that since long before his time and never get recognition of any kind. Some are even more amazing than this chat and never get noticed...but now this new guy is the standard because he got lucky. I do congratulate him but many people deserve this recognition as well and they will never get it.

  • n11

    Awesome, I hope he got a raise for that!

  • Steve

    No...he got a free backpack...i saw it lol


    Pandering, and marketing, and pandering marketing.

  • OrehRatiug

    Someone used to be a GM for World of Warcraft.

  • Ben Udkow the OPPOSITE of every single Comcast support experience ever...

  • qwert`

    and steam
    (but oddly not origin which is weird)

  • Conrado Parra

    this is pretty fucking ninja

  • Namor

    Grow up people.

  • Kyle Hale

    Grow down, person.

  • Liquorfairy

    I have always had a pleasant experience with Netflix customer service. I have had their service since 2009.

  • Liquorfairy

    This is a great example of their customer service, and i'll give an example of mine:

    A few months ago i contacted them and asked if they could put Spanish subtitles on one of their series for my mom to watch and a few weeks later i received an email from customer service that the subtitles had been added to the show i asked and a few others. I

  • I...I what?!

    Don't leave me in suspense, I must know!

  • tkay

    Don't you know? the liquorfairy passed out.

  • Cinnamon Spider

    It's great that Netflix doesn't stop their employees from letting their personalities shine through like this. Most companies with chat want you to seem like a computer.

  • qwert`

    *hasn't yet* as soon as they see this capin mike is getting his soul removed and a threat to be fired if he doesn't act more professional :(

  • Steve

    Not true, I worked there and all bosses promote fun chats like this...mike is just lucky and got the right customer..many agents do way more than him and also have a variety of fun chats...captain mike is just captain mike...he does every chat like that and 9/10 times customers dont give a shit..i've seen many people there do way funner chats, way more variety, and they did it without being told...Mike is bland and does this every chat...just lucky.

  • Enif

    I've actually had to ask a couple of times for confirmation that I was not speaking to an automated response machine. Man, if only everyone on the customer support sector wanted to be like Mike.

  • qwert`

    if you programed an automated respone machine whats the first question you'd teach it?

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