Dogfish Head Creates Beer Brewed With Real Moon Dust

October 2, 2013


The Dogfish Head brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, released a beer brewed with real moon dust to celebrate the autumnal equinox last month. The Celest-jewel-ale is a 5% alcohol brew, is accompanied by a koozie made from the fabric of a spacesuit, and an exclusive release to their brewpub. Read: you will never try it. If it makes you feel any better I will never try it either except OH WAIT, I ALREADY DID. Haha, the perks of being a high-profile blogger! I'm lying, I get nothing and have learned to accept it.

We worked with ILC Dover, a local company that creates Space Suits for NASA, to get this incredibly rare and unique ingredient. Celest-jewel is an intergalactic ale brewed with German Malts, Hops, and sprinkle of Moon Dust, and fermented with our house Doggy yeast. The flavor is full of characteristic notes of doughy malt, toasted bread, and subtle caramel, with light herbal bitterness to round out the profile.

The addition of little chunks of lunar meteorites, smashed into dust, then steeped as a tea and added late in fermentation to give this rich, malty beer a subtle but complex earthiness....well maybe not earthiness. These certified moon-jewels turned into lunar dust are made up primarily of minerals and salts, which are beneficial to the yeast-induced fermentation process.

But how does it the beer pair with moon cheese -- that's the real question. "There's no such thing." Oh why, because NASA told you there isn't? In case you forgot, NASA is government funded, and the government is 100% liars and thieves. Seriously, anybody who wants to pursue politics beyond high school student government is not to be trusted. This is especially true for the presidents of homeowner's associations. *ahem* Alex! "Cut your grass." NEVER.

Thanks to AMilli and lilco, who are brewing dust bunny beer and are going to make a fortune.

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