Custom $20K Vagina Couch (For Sale For Only $4K!)

October 1, 2013


PROTIP: Never buy a vagina couch pre-owned.

This is the custom made $20,000 vagina couch somebody is selling on Craigslist in Troy, Michigan. They didn't come right out and call it a vagina couch though, but that's because they didn't have to. Just look at it. "Definitely vaginas." Five of them. Six if you add the two end halves together to make another whole one.

You will never see another one like this, one of a kind, all leather custom made and very comfy. Perfect condition. I paid over 20 k to have it made. Got married and the wife says it's gota go. Reply with your phone #

"Got married and the wife says it's gota go". I'm surprised it wasn't, "Date came over for the first time and says she's gota go." Also, who the hell has $20,000 to spend on a custom couch? If I had $20,000 burning a hole in my pocket I'm definitely not blowing it all on a vagina couch. A $14,000 vagina loveseat sure, but then I'd still have money left over for a new entertainment center and the titty ottoman of my dreams.

Thanks to Argumus Prime, who can transform into a lot of different things, but a vagina couch isn't one of them.

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