Custom $20K Vagina Couch (For Sale For Only $4K!)

October 1, 2013


PROTIP: Never buy a vagina couch pre-owned.

This is the custom made $20,000 vagina couch somebody is selling on Craigslist in Troy, Michigan. They didn't come right out and call it a vagina couch though, but that's because they didn't have to. Just look at it. "Definitely vaginas." Five of them. Six if you add the two end halves together to make another whole one.

You will never see another one like this, one of a kind, all leather custom made and very comfy. Perfect condition. I paid over 20 k to have it made. Got married and the wife says it's gota go. Reply with your phone #

"Got married and the wife says it's gota go". I'm surprised it wasn't, "Date came over for the first time and says she's gota go." Also, who the hell has $20,000 to spend on a custom couch? If I had $20,000 burning a hole in my pocket I'm definitely not blowing it all on a vagina couch. A $14,000 vagina loveseat sure, but then I'd still have money left over for a new entertainment center and the titty ottoman of my dreams.

Thanks to Argumus Prime, who can transform into a lot of different things, but a vagina couch isn't one of them.

  • TamLee


  • Guest

    Such a perversion- and yet someone MARRIED this dude? I would never trust a man with such twisted character, that couch alone speaks VOLUMES. And having paid such a ridiculous amount for it, I'm positive he didn't use it for just lounging...And whoever uses this after him.................. :/ Ewwwwww

  • Bananadrama

    Does anyone remember this other vagina couch?

    I guess they're a thing.

  • DieSirene

    Hoo ha! I wonder if he takes gash or credit? This thing is the, the quimtessence...of sexual cuntentment. You better s'cooch over!

    Alright, That's emuff with the lame puns. Period.


    God damn it! Titty ottoman made me actually laugh out loud at work...

  • Frédéric Purenne

    The implications behind the fact that he custom made this when he was single is kinda worrying... O_o

    NOO! Scratch that, the fact ANYONE IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES custom made this is frightening!

  • Roark

    That Couch is all Stretched Out and Swollen

  • Ghost

    I wonder if it pulls out?

  • PiterKingsley

    B­­y fo­­ll­­ow­i­­n­g t­h­i­s s­im­p­­­l­­e a­­­­d­v­­i­c­­e­­s
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  • David A.B.

    This gives "FUCK YO' COUCH!" a whole new meaning...

  • Thaddeus Stevens

    Have you ever sat on a leather-labia sofa in the summer? They get all sticky. Thanks but no thanks.

  • khemical

    You need to lube it first.

  • catallergy

    "Got married and the wife says it's gotta go." I guess she got tired of him starting arguments just so he would have to sleep on the couch for the night.

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