Current Star Trek Character Faces Morphed With Older

October 3, 2013


Captain Kirk: William Shatner/Chris Pine

This is a series of old and new Star Trek character faces morphed together by deviantARTist ThatNordicGuy (no not the one swinging the battle axe -- the one hunched over his computer in the dark!). So, if you've ever dreamed of what it would look like if the old Captain Kirk and new Captain Kirk had some sort of half-clone of each baby together (they'll be able to do that in the future) and that baby was the age that they were when they were captain of the Enterprise, congratulations, your f***ed up dream has been answered. I'll stick to the ones where all my teeth are falling out and I'm being chased but can only run in slow motion. What are those called again? "Normal people dreams." Exactly.

Keep going for nine more.


Leonard McCoy (Bones): DeForest Kelly/Karl Urban

Scotty: James Doohan/Simon Pegg

Uhura: Nichelle Nichols/Zoe Saldana

Spock: Leonard Nimoy/Zachary Quinto

Sulu: George Takei/John Cho

Carol Marcus: Bibi Besch/Alice Eve

Pike: Jeffrey Hunter/Bruce Greenwood

Chekov: Walter Koenig/Anton Yelchin

Khan: Ricardo Montalb√°n/Benedict Cumberbatch

Thanks to Aaron, wanderer33third and lebeeps, who want to know if you morphed a picture of yourself 10 years ago and one of you 10 years from now if it would look like you do currently. Who cares! If you have a picture of yourself 10 years from now that means somebody's got a time machine -- let's go buy a sports almanac!

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