College TA Sends Entire Class Nude Photos From Sexy VIdeo Chat With Boyfriend Instead Of Study Guide

October 25, 2013


I knew I should have taken that class.

In 'one good reason to go to college' news, a graduate teacher's assistant in the business department at the University of Iowa accidentally sent her entire class screencaps from a nude video chat with her boyfriend instead of the study guide. And, based on the amount of paint it took to cover up her boyfriend's member, I'm going to say she's one lucky teacher's assistant. Also, that she really knows how put the T & A in TA.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees nudie video chats are the best video chats.

  • Beatrice Holloway

    Someone is going to get kicked out of graduate school...

  • luca

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  • I...I can't fap to this.

  • brobro, I don't know how to tell you this but you've censored an Asian guy pulling his pud. why anyone would want to see a dude's dong on geekologie, I don't know. maybe some pictures of the _female TA_ would have been more appropriate .. or just don't post a story nobody cares about

  • EdgarAllenPwn

    people who like dicks exist.

  • baal

    I'm happy to see both of them but the censoring has got to go!

  • shit I got 8 votes for saying no Asian dong!
    here you go dongers!

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