Clever!: LED Walking Stickman Halloween Costume

October 24, 2013


This is a toddler's Halloween costume made out of a couple strings of LED lights. It makes them look like a little walking stickman. I love the way the kid in the video wobbles around. It's like they don't really have full control of their limbs yet. "THEY'RE A TODDLER." So what, my son was doing standing backflips by his second birthday. "You have a son?!" Well no, but if I did. "He would be the devil." My wife's vagina would shoot flames when he was born.

Keep going for the video and wonder why you didn't think of this sooner.

Thanks to Mr. K, who told me he plans on making one for his toddler between now and next week. Cool, can you make an adult one for me too?

  • Patrick Donnelly

    The snowboarding stuff on his youtube channel is awesome too -

    It really shows you how some people have a different perspective on life, and how creativity can really shine through.

  • Lee

    With the noise muted that kid actually looks kinda terrifying.

  • Mr. K

    My first tip to GW, and he posts it. I might faint!! (from the smell of his office).

    But seriously. I'm putting this on my resume (right next to the coffee mug stain)

  • all the kid screaming was a turn off
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  • Dave

    That's one bright kid.

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