ChairMaster, A Recliner That Doubles As A Personal Gym

October 3, 2013


Like having a super shitty gym right in your living room!

Because who has the time to work out and watch their favorite soap operas separately, this is the $1,400 ChairMaster, a recliner that has enough exercise equipment tucked inside to do 50 different exercises. Granted you WON'T do them, but the option is there. Given the choice, I would still go with a La-Z-Boy.

... there're seven accessories including resistance bands, a "mini-stepper", and velcro ankle straps that, when added to specific parts on the rig, enable a full-body workout comprising 50 different exercises

Obviously, your aunt has already ordered one. And she has every intention of working out and catching up on CSI: Kansas City simultaneously. Speaking of -- I actually started writing a pilot for a CSI show that takes place on the moon. It's called CSI: The Moon. Less gravity -- less rules. That's pretty much as far as I've gotten.

Continue for an informational video where Sally will takes on a tour of the different exercises.

Thanks to bluebill and PYY, who agree you'll see quicker results if you get up off your ass and stop drinking so much f***ing soda.

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