Car With Heat-Sensitive Paint Changes Color With Water

October 8, 2013


This is a video of a Nissan Skyline R33 that was coated with heat sensitive paint by UK bodyshop Auto Kandy changing color as cold (or hot?) water is poured on it. I wish my car did that. Of course I wish my car did a lot of things, including not get broken into so often. The last person who broke in stole my eyeglasses, a McDonald's bag full of other fast food trash, and a bookbag of dirty laundry. So if you see anybody in the area wearing an unwashed Transformers t-shirt I want you to notify the police. No -- I want you to notify me, and I'll vigilante justice them myself. "But what if it's the wrong person?" Relax, I'm gonna make it look like an accident. "Who trips and falls on a ninja sword covered with your fingerprints?" It could happen!

Hit the jump and watch the Hypercolor car in action.

Thanks to richmond and Luc, who used to have the Hot Wheels that did this back in the 90's. I remember those!

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