Boston Dynamics' Humanoid ATLAS Robot Tackles Rough Terrain, 20kg Medicine Ball To The Hip, Breaks Ankle

October 21, 2013


These are two videos of Boston Dynamics' ATLAS robot. The first shows the robot successfully traversing rocky terrain and auto-balancing itself after getting smacked in the hip with a 20kg medicine ball. The second video, which is of ATLAS's first public demonstration, features the robot tripping while trying to step over a cinderblock and breaking its ankle. Smooth, ATLAS. I'm starting to wonder if all the videos that come out of Boston Dynamics are actually computer graphics and they don't even build robots. I mean, that's what I would do if the government gave me a shit-ton of money to make something. Hire some computer graphics professionals, make a couple realistic looking videos, then skip the country and go live on the beach somewhere in South America. "Um, GW?" No comprendo -- me llamo Juan.

The videos after the jump.

Thanks to jimmmy and residentistEVIL, who agree a robot with a broken ankle is all fun and games until somebody builds it a tank wheelchair.

  • elpolloloco

    We will have sex with our vacuum cleaner tommorow. Please, annihilate the womens.
    I'll make a brand new condom made of aluminium, soft enough to keep the pleasure, hard enough to resist the vagina made of razorblades. Prepare urselfs.

  • P-body

    Yay now I have someone to play Portal with.

  • Aaron A. Edgin

    Well, we're dead.

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Pretty much. I'd guess less than 10 years until we've got Robocop-type droids killing humans. If the species survives we'll be able to tell our grand-kids that we were around when it happened.

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