Being The Best: Man Sets New Record For 26-Mile Marathon Run Backwards While Juggling Three Balls

October 1, 2013


This is a two and a half minute highlight reel of motivational speaker Joe Satler setting a new world word record for running a full 26.2-mile marathon backwards while juggling three balls. Joe complete the course in five hours, 51 minutes and 5 seconds. "I DREAMED AND I ACHIEVED!" I imagine him jumping on stage and yelling at a crowd of red-faced runners.

In setting the record, Salter made two drops out of 62,460 total throws, but following RecordSetter rules, made no forward motion until picking up the dropped balls and continuing to juggle.

Listen -- you want to be the best at something? Here's what you do: train hard. Still not the best? Add another aspect to the challenge (i.e. doing it backwards). Still finishing last? Add something else (i.e. juggling). By now you should at least be finishing in the top ten. Add ONE MORE THING (i.e. an additional ball, balancing a book on your head). At this point if you're not doing it better than anybody else it's time to learn to love purple participation ribbons.

Continue for the video.

Thanks to Alice, who plans to set the world record for finishing a 26.2-mile marathon on a pogo stick while reciting pi and knitting a sweater.

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