Clever: Bat Symbol Fading Into Joker's Laugh Tattoo

October 24, 2013


To celebrate the midnight release of Batman: Arkham Origins tonight, here's a tattoo of the Bat Symbol fading into the Joker's laugh. I'm not sure if that arm actually belongs to Tumblr user tow-tow, or they just found the picture somewhere else, but I tried to find more info and couldn't. Still, I like it. So -- anybody want to stay up with me tonight and go pick up Arkham Origins at midnight? There's a Gamestop walkable from my place so we can totally get as drunk as we want to first. You can even crash in my roommate's bed because he's out of town for the weekend. I only ask that you promise me you'll piss it.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who I've promised to be nicer to because I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and not be so hateful all the time. "Aw, thanks pal!" GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC.

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