As You Wish, Lord Vader: Latex Storm Trooper Gimp Suit

October 25, 2013


Sweet fish tank.

Because storm troopers really are the subservient gimps of the Galactic Empire, here's the latex storm trooper outfit designed and worn by DeviantARTist LatexKittie. LatexKittie is a self proclaimed 'IT manager by day, latex fetishist at night'. I think she's my boss! Now, I know what you're wondering: But what would she look like in an alien queen latex suit? And guess what -- your prayers have been answered, there are pictures after the jump! "I wasn't actually praying, just wondering." Don't you lie to me. If your boner were any bigger right now it would stick out past your belly button.

Keep going for the alien outfit.


Thanks to my buddy Terry, who is into this. Like, REALLY into this. He already owns four of those expensive lightsaber replicas, there's no telling how many Star Wars gimp suits are on the back of his closet.

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