All The Harry Potter Book Covers Reimagined As Minimalistic Animated GIFs

October 29, 2013


This is a series by illustrator and graphic designer Jeca Martinez reimagining all the Harry Potter book covers as minimalistic animated GIFs. My favorite is the Prisoner of Azkaban. What's yours? Just kidding, I don't care. Yes I do. I just say things like that to protect my own feelings because I've been burned in the past. I told a close friend a bunch of private stuff once and he wound up using it all against me. Stuff like, "There's actually a warrant out for my arrest," and, "Please don't call the cops about all the weed in the freezer."

Keep going for the other six.







Thanks to lebeeps, who believes magic really does exist in the world, and not in a 'isn't nature beautiful' kind of way either -- but like actual spells and potions. THE GOOD STUFF.


    omg theres a lightning bolt hidden on all of them.

  • let me share on Google+ G-Writer. Who uses Myface of Spacebook anymore?

  • Andy Green

    The book isn't called "and the Sorcerer's Stone", it's the Philosopher's Stone.

  • Zggs

    Actually here in America Scholastic didn't think it was a good title, so they changed it to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" for us American kiddies.

  • Kahsyrbag

    Did anyone notice there is a lightning bolt on all of them but prisoner of azkaban, unless I just aint seeing that one.

  • don't care

    I think the sand falling in the time turner is the lightning bolt?

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Why the zelda feel? I don't even play zelda!

  • Grob

    awful and i wish people would stop making these. harry potter is becoming like star wars in the sense that it's a mediocre at best story and people still lose their shit over it/waste too much time on creating shitty fucking art and lego models and everything you can imagine of it

  • vadersapp

    "Other people like something that I don't really care for and use some of their personal free time exercising their creativity by making fan artwork that I don't really like, and that annoys me to no end." Boo hoo. Poor you.

  • Grob

    point proven, you waste your time on this petty little thing. stop defending mediocrity. and it annoys me to no end because it's everywhere, it's fucking all around

  • vadersapp

    You gonna cry about it? You see harry potter crayon drawings and get so mad you start weeping? Must be tough, little guy.

  • Grob

    i wouldn't expect an original burn coming from a child so desperately clinging to the mundane. you are pathetic :)

  • vadersapp

    And you're fun to play with. Seriously, though, you have some misplaced priorities if other people's hobbies bug you that much.

  • Tim Cole

    more importantly guys, why does the 2nd and 3rd cover lack a lightning bolt?!

  • vadersapp

    They all have lightning bolts. the 2nd is on the right side of the quill's feather and the 3rd is in the shape of the falling sand.

  • Tim Cole

    oh ok i see them now, thanks

  • Ollie Williams

    Great illustrations, poor choice of typefaces.

  • whacko

    It really kind of shame that these book covers focus on an object that in several cases served as a very minor part of the overall story of the book. For example, the Time Turner & Pensieve, while relevant to the stories, really were mentioned on like 2 or 3 pages total for the books that they represent. The prophecy globe from Order of the Phoenix is only slightly more important as is the journal from Chamber of Secrets.

    They are well constructed and certainly minimalist. However the minimalism doesn't necessarily translate into a good representation of the story. Also, they don't all need to have a lighting bolt hidden on them.

  • vadersapp

    Actually, all of the objects played important roles in their respective plots.To varying degrees, definitely, but all of them are indispensable parts of the books. The stone is the object that Voldemort seeks leading to various events and the final climax of in the first book. The diary is the object that causes many of the events in the second book. The Time Turner is the object that allows for pretty much every event in the last hundred or so pages of the third book. The Goblet of Fire, aside from being the titular object, is also the object that allowed for every significant event that followed it's main role to happen in book four. In the fifth book, the Prophesy is, again, the object of Voldemort's desire leading into many of the events of the book arising into many major moments both in Harry's life and in the Magical world as a whole. The Pensieve is the object that allows Harry to learn about his and Dumbledore's new mission as well as representing the memory (Slughorn's) for which much of the story is dedicated to seeking in the sixth book. And of course the deathly hallows are central to much of the final book as well.

    If they were trying to stick with signifcant objects from each of the books, I can't really think of much better ones for each other than, arguably, the Marauder's Map for Book 3. You might think a horcrux, perhaps the locket or the ring, would be better suited for book 6 but, A) there were several to choose from and, presumably, only one could hve been used. So which to choose? B) despite being objects of importance, they have very short-lived significance to the story in that particular book. and C) the Pensieve is used to review all of the details of history of Voldemort up to and including the Horcuxes. By using it, instead of only one horcrux, you implicitly include all of them and more in the context of the story.

  • whacko

    I have ready the books and know them fairly well, but thanks for the book report :p

    My point is, that the objects depicted on these .gif book covers are more or less irrelevant to the stories that contain them. The exceptions being the Diary of Tom Riddle and two of the three Deathly Hallows.

    For instance had the sorcerers stone been replaced with any other magical object, the first Harry Potter book would have turned out exactly the same. This is true for most of the objects used in the illustrations. Another example is the Pensieve. Had someone simply told Harry about the events he witnessed within, then the story for The Halfblood prince would have been exactly the same.

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