All That Crime Fighting Has Turned Spidey Into A Drinker

October 30, 2013


I know that look!

This is a small series of shots by cosplayer Spider_Inferno featuring Spider Man making himself a drink after a long night of crime fighting. Mary Jane doesn't look too happy about it. I bet he was supposed to take her out to a fancy dinner. And now? And now whiskey IS dinner. I've done that before. Not recently though, because I was smart enough to stockpile Spaghetti-O's the last time they were on sale at the grocery store. PROTIP: look for dented cans, sometimes they'll sell them to you for even cheaper. Lick a donut in the bakery department and they'll ask you to leave, but you'll probably be leaving with a free donut.

Keep going for the two follow-up shots.



Thanks to Spider_Inferno, the man behind the mask, for bringing awareness to superhero substance abuse so we can better understand how to help the heroes who help us.

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