All Star Performance: Drunk Man Eating Popcorn In The Rain At College Football Game

October 3, 2013


This is a video of a drunk Washington State football fan pouring popcorn on himself in the rain as his team gets its ass handed to it by Stanford. I could watch this man all day -- and probably will. If you think I won't leave this video open in a tab all day today and tomorrow to watch whenever something else on the internet depresses me, you're wrong. You are my shining star in the darkness, Popcorn Monster.

Keep going for the most inspiring video you'll see all day. Also, what is that on his hand?

Thanks to chichi, who agrees it would be awesome to see this guy eating dinner at a 5-star restaurant.

  • How do we know this man was drunk? I have an uncle who acts like that sober...

  • Nathanael Fairchild

    haha I was at that game! the thing in his hand is a foam cutout of the WSU logo, they were handing it out to everyone.

  • Kyle

    Dude, this hit the fan like a week ago. Old news.


    I am willing to bet that the vast majority of Geekologie readers don't watch sports center much less follow college football.

  • sandul

    so i move to washington and geekologie follows me... stay away from me demon!

  • Bertw192

    That's a Cougar fan for you... Go Dawgs!

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