A Ton Of Little Blocks: Longest Piece Of ANSI Art Created

October 16, 2013


Note: This is nowhere near the whole thing, keep going to see the entire piece in three separate images.

This is a 3,266 line piece of ANSI art created by the members of blocktronics and ACiD Productions. What's ANSI art? I'll let my buddy khz explain it. You see, he used to be really into creating ANSI art before abandoning it all for World of Warcraft. Now he's left World of Warcraft for...actually, I don't know what he does now. I think just watch Lord of the Rings and drink beer.

ANSI is a standard of block-like characters consisting of sixteen different colors in an array of very basic shapes and sizes that were easily transmittable down low-bandwidth channels.

Before we (humans) had the abiltity to send high-resolution images down the pipes of the internet we know today, artists had to use this limited palet to create graphics used for Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). Think of it as the graffiti art from the dawn of a digital world.

Most of these graphics were from 25 lines to 200 lines... this ANSI you are about to see is 3,266.

The piece was created by 22 artists from 6 different countries and proves that a group of humans, when they put their collective minds to it, can still come together to accomplish something. Now if only Congress could do the same. HIYO -- uneducated burn out of nowhere.

Keep going and get ready to scroll your face off.




Thanks to khz, who was REALLY into ANSI art back in the day.

  • Janus Troelsen

    Where can I get the original ANSI file?

  • JimmyThr

    GW: What should I use for the preview...the part with the nipple, definitely.

  • Erik Hicks

    I'm an oldschool BBS sysop. I used to spend hours creating massive
    ANSI and RIPscrip artwork. Seeing this - I just about came in my pants!
    EPIC :-D __ Wildcat! BBS 4.20 / 33.6K baud / Fidonet-QWKmail / All
    the best door games (Legend of the Red Dragon, Tradewars, etc.) - ahhh

  • Matty Spinny

    why was hitler dry humping a purple alien?

  • ANSI art was the sh*t back in the day. I didn't have talent like ACiD but I dabbled a bit for friends/sysops of BBS's back in '94. Here's a couple I did. I converted them into small .jpgs, not sure if there is a better way now so the detail can be retained better. I still have a 20 year old version of ACiDview on my pc somewhere lol.




  • Good proportions on that third pic; you should get back into the habit! Try #ansi on EFNet IRC.

  • Thanks dude I'll check out that viewer. So far I've been unable to find one to handle longer ANSIs and pan out to give an overview or be turned into a ,jpg.
    Here are 2 more I did. The casserole one was a joke/fake board for a friend who wanted to prank people and get them whining they couldn't get onto or find this leet 619 board. The other was an animated one with a "splat" effect but not sure how to do that here.


  • ACiD hasn't released since the 90's. This is a Blocktronics + others joint.

  • lordscarlet

    Also check out this rundown of ANSI art: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

  • blocktronics

    Thanks for posting. This was created by Blocktronics artists as a tribute to ACiD. We had a few ex-Acid artists helping to draw it, but, 90% of the authors are Blocktronics members.

  • Fatz Geronimus Rex

    Man this shit makes me miss the BBS days so bad! SO BAD. Shit, I was tight with a lot of the folks in ANSI and ICE. If you guys are making ANSI, i want in! Hell I'll start a Telnet BBS just so you can have a HQ!

  • blocktronics

    We're releasing a new artpack on Oct. 30th. We're also on FB and twitter always posting updated about the group. :)

  • Guest

    That is just brilliant. Love the mixture o' crazy colors + characters. :D

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