30 Years Of The Most Popular Halloween Costumes

October 17, 2013


To celebrate 30 years in the costume business (and score some free advertising) this is an infographic created by Spirit Halloween showing the most popular pop-culture costume they've sold each year for the past three decades. Most of them aren't that surprising. The Snooki and Miley Cyrus shit I could do without, but, as far-reaching as my influence is, I don't dictate popular culture. Shocking, I know. But this is my 13,000th Geekologie article, so I at least have that going for me. It's not much, really, but-- "It's actually nothing." I don't even know why I mentioned it. *blows out candles, crawls back into pillow fort*

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best Halloween costume is definitely not the one that ten other people at the party are wearing.

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