Zelda, Will You Marry Me?: Another Nice Triforce Ring

September 24, 2013


That was a joke, Zelda, even the old man in the cave knows I'm saving myself for the Lon Lon Ranch milk maid, Malon. Seen here on what can only be described as the second grubbiest finger I've seen so far this week, is the Triforce ring created by Paul Michael Design (not to be confused with Paul Mitchell, who's the guy with the sweet beard and ponytail that sells hair care products). I would wear that. As a matter of fact, I would wear seven of those, one on each finger. "What happened to your other fingers?" Good question -- are you a betting man? "Not really." Well I am, and a lot of times I bet money I don't have. Touch my leg. "It's missing!" Shit just got real, didn't it?

Thanks to lilco, who agrees you should never bet on anything that isn't a sure thing and nothing's a sure thing so you should just say f*** it and bet like a crazy person who doesn't care if they have a place to sleep tomorrow.

  • Shan Ford

    Lets just say the first thing I didn't notice was the Tri-force. It was when was the last time this guy had a bath, it looks like his finger has a permanent apartment in his asshole. Got married then went off to collage and then offered someone a chocolate pretzel.

  • Fercho

    The One Ring may be found at the bottom of a pond, with mud, dirty water and stuff, not Zelda's... ¿Right?

  • I think what's most interesting is that this is likely the guys cleanest finger.

  • Guest

    Seems like it's hard for some people to stomach the sight of a finger that's actually worked in it's life. That's the finger of the dude that just made the ring, get over it. What have you made other than whiny posts?

  • Forblat

    There's a reason there are hand models, dingus. Nobody's dissing the worker's hand, just the fact that it was used in this image.

  • catallergy

    If you think that he took that picture immediately after creating that ring, man do you not understand how marketing works.

  • Guest

    I never said he just made the ring. This is what the hands of a metal worker look like most of the time. Working with small objects usually means no gloves, hands get dry, cracked and stained. Only way to make it spotless would be to soak it but then the larger cracks would burn, be sore and he would have to take a break before doing another project.

  • catallergy

    "I found the object that was blocking your colon" - Proctologist

  • Torse

    The contrast of the new shiny ring on top of grime is really interesting to look at.

    Plus it kind of looks like they walked into Mordor and pulled the ring out of Mount Doom with their bare hand.

    Which is awesome.

  • setheaster

    That finger is seriously grossing me out.

  • I'm sure that's a really beautiful ring, but it's hard to concentrate on it due to the hideous finger. Not great advertising.

  • Lee

    Just think of it like that old geezer whos stuck in that cave in all the games, willowing away because his kids dont want anything to do with him

    ...than that other guy comes along, the one that breaks stuff for cash n harasses barnyard animals.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I like how subtle GW's TMIs are : "Seen here on what can only be described as the second grubbiest finger I've seen so far this week," - GW

  • Joel Lamm

    Good Heavens. If you don't read the headline, it just looks like a "walker" took a picture of a ring on its finger.

  • Jacques-André Langelier

    from this picture i can recreate his figerprint and unlock his iphone. im a hacker yo!
    Disclaimer: the iphone must be in reach of my lazy ass

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