Zelda, Will You Marry Me?: Another Nice Triforce Ring

September 24, 2013


That was a joke, Zelda, even the old man in the cave knows I'm saving myself for the Lon Lon Ranch milk maid, Malon. Seen here on what can only be described as the second grubbiest finger I've seen so far this week, is the Triforce ring created by Paul Michael Design (not to be confused with Paul Mitchell, who's the guy with the sweet beard and ponytail that sells hair care products). I would wear that. As a matter of fact, I would wear seven of those, one on each finger. "What happened to your other fingers?" Good question -- are you a betting man? "Not really." Well I am, and a lot of times I bet money I don't have. Touch my leg. "It's missing!" Shit just got real, didn't it?

Thanks to lilco, who agrees you should never bet on anything that isn't a sure thing and nothing's a sure thing so you should just say f*** it and bet like a crazy person who doesn't care if they have a place to sleep tomorrow.

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