WTF Was That?: Wack-Ass Japanese Lighter Commercial

September 6, 2013


This is some weird-ass cartoon commercial from Japan for the Jii lighter, a contact lighter (no flame, just a hot coil) that is USB rechargeable. The commercial starts on a dark and stormy night when a mad scientist creates the lighter Frankenstein style, which then proceeds to come to life and dance and sing its ass off, briefly becomes a pirate, bangs a vintage lady lighter, smokes in bed afterwards regretting the decision to bang a grandma, lights a bunch of women's cigarette arms/possible boners on fire, becomes CEO of some company, then bangs a chick with a matchbook for a head while the whole solar system celebrates. Just like in my dreams.

Hit the jump for the video and wish you lived in Japan.

Thanks to PYY, iMarius and Fiuraa, who prefer lighters with flames because they make it easier to set EVERYTHING on fire, not just cigarettes.

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