Yes Please: He-Man Masters Of The Universe LEGO Sets

September 3, 2013


This is a giant series of He-Man Masters of the Universe LEGO sets and minifigs made by LEGO pro Orion Pax (of LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters and Back to the Future Hill Valley fame). I would play with those for hours and if any kids asked to join I would let them, but they'd have to be Skeletor and the bad guys. I actually went to see the live action He-Man movie when it came out in '87 and fifteen minutes in the film got jammed and melted. I cried because I thought we weren't going to get to see the rest of the movie, but apparently they can just splice that shit back together. It just sucked because by the time they turned the lights back down I'd already finished 64-ounces of Hawaiian Punch and all my Sno-Caps and was swinging from the theater curtains.

Hit the jump for an overview of everything he made but do yourself a favor and check out Orion's website for a ton more pics if you're into this.










Thanks to The Superficial Writer, whose boner I could actually sense through the Gchat window.

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