Fire-Breathing Dragon Is World's Largest Walking Robot

September 17, 2013


This is a video of Traddino, a 51-foot, 11-ton, walking, fire-breathing dragon robot that was just named the new Guinness World Record Holder for "world's largest walking robot". The winner before that? Who cares. All I know is it looks like that thing is about to crispy-fry a bunch of virgin sacrifices.

... this four-legged, wing flapping robot will replace the aging star of Germany's oldest folk play, "Drachenstich," performed each August in the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald.

The dragon is "driven by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine ... a robot outshining all human actors," the website boasts.

Mechanics aside, Tradinno is, above all, a showbot. With polyurethane and glass reinforced plastics skin, veins that bleed 21 gallons of stage blood on cue, and liquid gas for fire-breathing pyrotechnics, the only thing Tradinno can't do -- despite the wings -- is fly.

Oh really -- the 11-TON robotic dragon can't fly? Shocking. He's not Falkor you know. Speaking of -- what was up with Falkor's back (links to picture)? Were those supposed to be scales? So he's half furry, half scaly? That's weird. It looked like insect larvae to me. Nothing I'd want to hold onto while flying around. "Call me when you get seats installed," I'd tell him.

Hit the jump for a shot of the whole dragon and a video of him in action.


Thanks to Priby, dunc and MortiZ, who are busy building a 52-foot walking dragon robot just to spite these people.

  • thanks for this

  • WACOMalt

    Cool, but nowhere near as impressive as the TRex is jurrasic park. Watch the making of videos of that thing. This thing can hardly move.

  • kristopher

    I would ride this into the mists of Avalon.

  • Matty Spinny

    disney aint got nothin on that lmao

  • HoneyBeeBoo

    FML. Really? A fire-breathing robot? Did we learn nothing from the Terminator series? Next you're gonna tell me we have mechanical spiders that spit acid via needles. Where's Tom Selleck when you need him.

  • matt

    Nice one guys! Now the real dragons will think we're holding one captive and come fry us all up. D;

  • That's freaking awesome! I would love to see this in person. Also, a truck with that riding on the back.

  • PiperBlack

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  • sargeantRebel

    Really GW, your going to diss Falkor with his case of Mange and Eczema? Not his penchant for having little boys ride him and rub him and take them off alone?

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